As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:” 1 Peter 4:10

Ministries are  a very important part of the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Community.

Take a look at the ministries we offer.

If you want to join just contact the ministry leader.

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee meets monthly, on Wednesday at 3:15 pm in the Parish Hall, a week before the scheduled Parish Council meeting.

  • Fr. Anthony Man-Son-Hing, Pastor

  • Michael Marcella, Chairperson

  • Chris Dean, Secretary

  • Marcel St. Jules, Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

  • Mike Marcella, Lectors

  • Chris Dean, Environment

  •  Sacristan

  • Cathy Gregory, Saturday Choir

  • Linda Shore, Sunday Choir

  • Heather Harwood, Children's Liturgy

  • Carol Simon

  • For more information, please contact Mike Marcella, Chair at 705-848-9056

Ministry of Lectors

Lectors proclaim the Word of God to His People.

"The call to be a sower of the Word is a privilege and a blessing... only God knows what sprouting and greening will come from the Word planted through me ministry".   Joyce Rupp, "A Creed For the Sowing of Seeds". If you have any questions or if you are interested in becoming a lector, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Mike Marcella 705-848-9056

Schedule 2017

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The “Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion” , as they are called, serve our Community in two different ways. One, they bring communion to the sick and shut-ins. This entails visiting those who are homebound or those in the hospital or those at both Huron Lodge and Hillside Park. Secondly, they also serve at Mass assisting the Pastor in distrusting the body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

If anyone wishes to donate some of their time to this very worthwhile Ministry, or know of someone who may wish to serve our Lord in this way, you simply need to submit your name or that person’s name to the Parish Office.

Ministry of Sacristan

 The Ministry of Sacristan is a very active ministry in the Church. Basically, you will be doing the legwork to help other people worship.

As one person wrote, “Sacristans are priceless. If Eucharist is to be celebrated, someone has to prepare it. ”If you are interested in the Ministry of Sacristan, please contact the Parish Office.

Altar Servers

Coordinators: Mike Marcella: 848-9056

Ministry of Music

It is very much the mission of the Church that the choir (along with the cantor, psalmist and instrumentalists), contribute to the singing at Mass. Through this ministry, those involved will actively assist all the faithful in taking that full, conscious and active part in liturgical celebrations which are demanded by the very nature of the liturgy.

Singing is such a powerful form of prayer. Even in the earliest of times, people praised God through the use of song whether it was through the use of the harp, lyre or trumpet blasts. We would love to have you be part of our very special Ministry. Please contact Linda Shore or Mark Frolick. 

Knights of Columbus Mary Immaculate Council 4499 

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to serve God and Country in whatever can be done to promote Peace and Love in the World.

Any Catholic man can become a Knight providing he is a practicing Catholic in communion with the Church teaching. He must be at least 18 years of age.

We meet twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesday in the evening. The first meeting is a business one and the second is a fellowship meeting.

For more information please call Uwe Rosilius 705-461-3582

Catholic Women's League 

The Catholic Women's League of the Parish of Our Lady of Fatimameets monthly, September to June on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00 am in the parish hall.


  • Past President -

  • President -

  • Membership -

  • Secretary -

  • First Vice-President -

  • Second Vice-President -

  • Treasurer -

  • Publicity -

  • Resolutions -

  • Christian Family Life -


 For more information, please contact the Parish Office.

School Liaison 

In the fall of 2014, Mark Frolick was appointed to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council as the School Liaison. This position was created to maintain and strengthen the link between Our Lady of Fatima Parish and the two Catholic elementary schools in Elliot Lake - Our Lady of Fatima English Catholic School and Our Lady of Lourdes French Immersion Catholic School. Through monthly masses and liturgies, special events, Fr. Cecil's classroom visits, retreats, social justice initiatives, community service and various other activities with children and youth, the School Liaison is mandated to support the Pastoral Council in it's ongoing mission to reach out to parishioners and families in our community - with a particular focus on engaging children and youth, and developing important connections between home, school and parish. 

For any questions regarding the local Catholic schools, and their link to Our Lady of Fatima Parish - Please contact the church.

God Squad

Established in the spring of 2014, and now in full swing, the God Squad seeks to reach out to children and families in our parish and school communities. With now over 40 children signed up, this fun and exciting group is led by adult volunteers and parents who are passionate and energetic about providing social and faith-related activities to children and youth. The mission of the God Squad is to offer valuable and meaningful opportunities for our young people to enjoy fellowship, build friendships, become more active in parish life and eventually follow their call to reach out in service and justice to the wider community. We usually meet once a month for a fun event, and are always working to grow our contact list. So far we've reached out to our altar servers, families of parishioners, and children who participate in Children's Liturgy. All are welcome!!! Our membership includes a variety of children and youth between the ages of 4 and 12, with older youth assisting as student leaders. Our hope, with this younger group, is to build the foundations for a future youth group that would serve the faith needs and interests of intermediate senior students from older elementary to high school. We are always looking for more adult volunteers to assist with activities, and for new children and youth to join our fun and exciting group! 

Come on out and join the Our Lady of Fatima God Squad! For more information, Please  contact Parish Office.

Sacramental Prepration 

Finance Committe

Missions Statement: The Finance Committee members strive to allocate and spend the monies received to administer the financial responsibilities of the church.

Finance Committee establishes the budget for the year and regularly examines the financial statements to make sure the budget is adhered to. Every year the committee submits a financial report to the parishioners for their scrutiny. For more information please contact the Parish Office 705-848-3350.

Adult Education 

A part of evangelization is to prepare to share our faith through word and deed. There are a number of interesting, inspiring and educational programs in our church that are open to anyone.  For more information please contact Dan Dean 705-461-9827 

Social Justice

“With her social doctrine the Church proclaims God and His mystery of salvation in Christ to every human being.” (Compendium of Social Doctrine 67)

We evangelize through works of: ●Social Justice ●Social Charity and ● Love


● Father Anthony Man-Son-Hing, Parish Priest

● Joseph O’Neill, Deacon

● Brother Robert Wychers, Evangelization Committee

● Chris Dean, Home Visitation 

●David McEwen, Knights of Columbus

● Kathy Rosilius, Respect Life Ministry

● Emily Roussy & David McEwen, Elliot Lake Food Bank

● Vacant, Canadian Food for Children


Evangelization Team

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Fatima Parish is a community of evangelizers that is convinced it has a precious gift to share: the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are all called to share in that gift by word and deed to all peoples.

What We Do

We make ourselves informed in our faith so that we all can share our faith with others. 

We initiate programs to assist our Church in becoming aware of their mission and responsibility.  Some of these programs include:

  • Adult education programs: DVD Series, Bible Study, Celebrate the Word, Catholicism,

  • Movie presentations

  • Social

  • Parish missions

  • Awareness of Church ministries through pamphlets. A different one each month is placed in pews.

  • Home Visitation

  • Volunteer recruitment

Our one-hour meetings are at 3:00pm in the Parish Hall on the third Thursday of each month. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Committee Members: Father Tony, Christine Dean, Denis Bastien, Mary Doyle, Joseph O'Neil, David McEwen, Rose Tomic, and Brother Robert.

Please contact Robert Wychers for more information